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Yellow Otter


Call us on: +44 (0)7515 564433

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Yellow Otter Associates is a new type of advisory business set up to help companies, consultancies and providers deliver innovation, products, benefits programs, communication, technology and messaging to their customers.


We also help companies in a variety of different ways; from investment, purchases, sales, distribution and good old-fashioned consultancy, Yellow Otter brings a new way of thinking to start-ups and established businesses in the insurance sector.



Charlie Carrick, founder, has been involved in pensions and insurance technology since its birth at the end of the last century. It's been a while.


Following the successful launch of the first benefits platform in the UK, Charlie moved to a global consultancy to do it all again. With that technology now rolling out across the globe, he  set up Yellow Otter to work directly with anyone looking to change the way insurance is delivered - using technology to drive that change, always for good.